Sunday, January 16, 2011

Launch of Daily Pilgrimage Service to The Footsteps of Buddha

Press Release: Launch of Daily Pilgrimage Service to The Footsteps of Buddha.

Need for such a service:
Bodhgaya is an international Tourist place and there is a big need to have a safe and comfortable pilgrimage to the footsteps of Buddha – primarily the places in Rajgir and Nalanda. Pilgrims have always looked for a complete solution, which takes care of all their needs. It is a welcome service started by Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee (BTMC) to commemorate 2600th years of Buddha’s enlightenment and it is non-profit in nature.

Main Features
Pilgrimage to various places in Rajgir and Nalanda (details below)
Includes Breakfast, traditional lunch and evening snacks and tea.
Includes Ticket charges of Ropeway, Venuvan, Nalanda Ruins, Xuan Xang Memorial and Nalanda and Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum.
Includes Guide Services
Travel in Air Conditioned Bus
Screening of historical films about History of Rajgir and Nalanda during the journey
Safe and Hassle Free Trip
Relevant books on History of Rajgir and Bodhgaya would be available on the bus (for purchase)

Initial Launch Offer – Rs 750/pax.
Early Bird Advantage Offer – Rs 499/pax (5 rear seats earmarked for this)
Children below the age of 10 – Rs 499/child
Infants up to age 3 – Free
Pilgrims from countries other than Saarc and Bimstec countries would be charged Rs 200 more due to differential entry fees at Nalanda ruins, Xuan Xang Memorial and Venu Van.

Booking Contact Number: 9234876571
Ticket Counter at: Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum
Booking will also be available thru BTMC website –

Prachin Bharat Tourism Technologies has been engaged as a solution provider

Pilgrimage Itinerary

7AM – Departure from Bodhgaya from the parking lot opposite BTMC.

7AM to 12:30PM
Packed Breakfast will be served onboard.
Places covered: Cylopean Wall, Chariot Wheel Marks, Ropeway ground level, Shanti Stupa, Gridhkuta , Ropeway Ground level back,
Jeevak Mango Grove – Drive thru,Bimbissar Jail, Son Bhandar, Jarasandh Ka Akhara (will get added soon)
Arrive at Nalanda Multimedia Museum for lunch – 12.30 pm

Lunch – 12:30PM - 1.00 PM

1:00PM to 5:00PM
Places covered: Watch Multimedia Show,Xuang Xang Memorial, Nalanda Ruins, Shopping

Depart Nalanda 4.00 PM

Arrive Venuvan 4.30 PM

Departure from Venuvan at 5.00PM and arrive at Bodhgaya at 7:30PM.
Tea/Coffee Snacks

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Atul said...

A really fantastic service .. much needed and will help in increasing tourist inflow and stay at Bihar ... way to go Naveen and Prachin Bharat and Bihar Govt .. kudos to all

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.