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PATNA MARATHON - PRESS RELEASE (Press Conference Saturday 2pm (15-Oct)

Patna, Oct 15 2011 2pm / BEN, Bihar Society & Karma Society / --

BEN, Bihar Society, Karma Society and associated orgs are pleased to announce the first Patna Marathon to be held on Sunday the 19th of Feb, 2012. The theme of this Marathon is "Patna runs for Progress" and aims to showcase the resurgent and resilient Patna and Bihar.We will also celebrate the Centenary year of Bihar with organizing of Patna Marathon.
After discussions with Anjani Kumar Singh, Pincipal Secy, HRD, Bihar Govt, and his suggestion, the date has been selected to coincide with "Pravasi Bihari Diwas" being organized by the Government of Bihar on 18th-19th Feb, 2012 where more than 500 people from across 25 countries are also expected to participate.
People of Patna & Bihar take great pride in being the capital of ancient India for approximately a millennium. Patna (ancient name Patliputra) is also one of the most important historical cities in the World. Much before any of the great Indian cities came into being, Patna, as the capital of some of the greatest empires the world (i.e., Mauryas and Guptas), was the abode of great learning.

Patna, the greatest political center of its time, which introduced Buddhism to the World, nourished ancient international learning centers like Nalanda and Vikramshila and united almost the entire population of India in one thread more than two millenniums ago, the city was gradually lost in the oblivion of history.
We have been through a very rough patch for the last couple of centuries especially, in the last few decades. Through all of those hardships and difficulties , the most important city on the coast of the holy river Ganges is rising again to lead a resurgent Bihar as the “heart, mind & soul” of India and Asia. On the occasion of Bihar's hundredth anniversary of becoming a state in our beautiful and ancient country India, the city of Patna invites the World to participate in the first ever Patna Marathon.

Now Bihar is bouncing back and Patna is ready to join the league of great cities of this world like New York, London, Paris and many others in Asia like Sanghai, Tokyot. This sporting event will give a much needed impetus to this long awaited renaissance of this ancient city.
A healthy body and mind are a good place to start change and we aim at accelerating that process through this event. Our main goal is to bring Bihar into the eyes of everyone, help the world realize that, yes, Bihar too is a city which is important to the histories of this world, and she is in agony, waiting for the time she too will become a state people can be proud to say as their home. Please take the time to think about your home. Do you truly feel your state is at peace? Do you truly feel this state does not need to be developed? If you answered no to either of those questions, take a few minutes out of your day to help spread awareness. Some of the proposed themes of this event are as follows:-

1. Run for Development
2. Run for Health
3. Run for Fun

What is unique about this event will be that a glocal team has connected and emerged via social media for the event. This event is being supported by existing legal organizations for legal, financial and technical purposes, and we have also set up a Trust for organizing Marathon and other arts, culture and sporting activities. Those who are interested in becoming involved members of this event and participate in helping make this dream a reality please contact us.

We have received assurance of support from few of the largest financial institutions in India and are in discussions with many healthcare, telecom, infrastructure, transportation, education, travel & tourism, media companies & institutions at a Global Level, India Level, Bihar & local level for sponsorship and partner opportunities with this global event.
We will also do our best to promote small and medium local business in Patna and Bihar via various promotional opportunities during the event. On that day, the route of 42km will be full of banners, booths, stalls, balloons. Opportunities include live coverage in TV & Radio and ongoing coverage during the months prior to the event.
Various departments of Govt. of Bihar and India will also use this opportunity to promote tourism, investment and also showcase their work done so far.

Those business houses and entrepreneurs planning to invest in Bihar especially from other parts of India and the world who have been just watching the Bihar story unfold from the sidelines will use this as an opportunity to join the "party". It will be an opportunity to connect with BIHAR, a market of 10 crore consumers, 3 crore students which is one of the youngest in world. On a standalone basis Bihar would be the 11th largest country in the world in population. In size, the market of Bihar is bigger than all of UK or Germany or Egypt and is like a "blue ocean" or "virgin" uncontetest market. Those who want to explore Bihar from close hands and beyond meetings in A/C Rooms, will be able to see "Bihar" in action on the streets of Patna. Others might join the "party" next year and will catch-up
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