Saturday, January 15, 2011


All Entrepreneurs and job givers, please share a link of your job (just a one liner description and URL, company ka nam, job ke sector aur specialization bhi )

Green Leaf Energy Private Limited
(Email ID:,

In Location will be rural villages in Gaya, Nawada, Aurangabad & nearby places. a) Profile offered: District Co-ordinator b) Profile offered: Nursery Manager, Irrigation Manager, Plantation Manager (Ankit please post a URL for detailed job description)

Bihar Society -

a) Hiring members at most cities of Bihar and India and world (Europe,Japan,Middle-East,UK,USA in multiple functions and roles). No cash salary for short term but will get preference for paid positions in future. Great start-up experience in building a world class organization that we will be proud of. for more details or contact by mail to or skype at biharsociety

Affiliate of Bihar Society :

Freelance Volunteer opportunities for people with expertise in Social Media, Website, database admin, project management, event management, project management, fund raising. Projects and roles will be shared between Bihar Society and a NYC based partner organization with global organization. No visa sponsorship and cash payment
Karma Society - a) Hiring volunteers at Patna and in cities/villages of Bihar. Expertise in areas of Cause Marketing, Social Media, Education, Health, Civic Society, Employability Training et b)Advisor to Secy (mix of advisory and administrative roles c) Driver and Operations Manager for Patna HQ of Karma Society (can also work for Bihar Society if bandwidth allows), c) Operations Manager for Karma Society. Contact at +91 612 257 0811. Positions are voluntary but can be paid in few specific situations

Balbhadra Smriti Seva Sansthan -

Computer Trainer based at Bangaon (near Saharsa) for short term assignment (timing flexible per availability and need). Will be paid stipend and fair and reasonable costs. Food , Housing will be arranged as well. Great chance to work at grassroot level. Contact Retd Engineer SriNarayan Khan at or +916478232121. Address: Retd Engineer Srinarayan khan. At +PO: Bangaon (west), Dist: Saharsa 852212, Bihar, India

Atul's Friend -

Hiring for a stealth mode start-up based in US with operations, sourcing, supply chain management in the travel, print-supplies domains. Manager to VP level jobs available. Visa sponsorship can be tried but difficult so US based candidates will be preferred. Salary and roles are attractive and negotiable

Bihar Development Trust :

All locations are based at Daudnagar in Aurangabad District. We need an agri graduate to provide extension services to the farmer club members in Daudnagar, Haspura, Obra, Goh etc blocks of Aurangabad District. Its a team leader profile with a team of 10 persons working with farmers in instiution building, sales, marketing and procurement. Besides, we need field officer with good hindi writing ability and decent english reading persons with either matric or intermediate as academic calculation. We need 5 persons to begin with. The requirements are immediate.

IIM Alumni Society:

Need volunteers for a dream project which is in hibernation because of work,family and Bihar project taking up bandwidth. Contact him at atultechatfacebookdotcom. Chance to network with global leaders (IIM Alumni and Friends of IIM). If you are IIM Alumni then great for others will have a limited but meaningful role crafted for your. Requirements are same as (2) above for Bihar Society

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