Sunday, April 05, 2009

Vina Sahee Joins JD(U)

PATNA: Congress leader and former minister Veena Shahi on Saturday hurled accusations on the state Congress as well as High Command and said most of
the Lok Sabha seats were put on sale. "A minimum of Rs 10 lakh has been charged for giving tickets. The rate goes high depending on the paying capacity of the ticket aspirants," she alleged. Veena, who joined JD(U) on Saturday, is the daughter-in-law of veteran Congress leader and former Union minister L P Shahi.

Veena was also a ticket aspirant, but was denied one. Asked if she was also asked to pay, she shot back, "They do not have courage to ask me, but I know many people have paid." She said after March 18, when the Congress decided to contest all the parliamentary seats in Bihar, the game of selling tickets began.

She also accused the High Command of keeping its eyes shut on what is happening in the state. "The day is not far when the oldest party will cease to exist in Bihar as some so-called leaders have made politics a business," she reacted.


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