Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cornered Lalu losing control over tongue: BJP

PATNA/NEW DELHI: BJP leaders reacted sharply to what they called RJD chief Lalu Prasad's abusive slang against senior party leader L K Advani on
Saturday. "BJP condemns this abuse against a leader of such eminence as Advani," the party said.

"Lalu Prasad is losing ground and so he is losing his temper and his tongue. He is saying all kinds of things to provoke the state government to arrest him so that he becomes a martyr, but we will not oblige him," said party spokesperson S S Ahluwalia, who claimed that the RJD chief had used the worst kind of abusive slang against Advani.

BJP leader from Bihar and the party's spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "First his (Lalu's) wife abuses Nitish Kumar, then Lalu Prasad says he will run a road roller over Varun Gandhi and now he is not only using abusive language against a senior leader like Advaniji but has also holding Congress responsible for the Babri demolition, while being the railway minister in the Manmohan Singh government."

This shows his utter desperation as he is losing from Chhapra, Prasad told TOI from Bihar, adding, "He (Lalu) is the railway minister and he has abused Manmohan Singh's party as a conspirator in the Babri demolition. If Manmohan Singh is not a weak Prime Minister, it is his last chance to prove his mettle." Prasad, demanded that the PM should sack Lalu Prasad.

Interestingly, BJP's rival Congress whom Lalu accused of complicity in Babri demolition, also said that the RJD leader was saying irresponsible things because he feared defeat.

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