Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shotgun, you just lost an oppertunity

He was famous as Bihari Babu in Bollywood, and that identity led him do a few Bhojpuri films recently. An actor turned leader, who has dreams of becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar someday... (and he was even angry to BJP, because they did not presented him as CM during last Bihar Polls).

But no one... not even a single person even thought that HE can support Shivsena Chief against BIHARIs (and other north Indians), but yesterday he said "Bal Thackray is like a God for me... and I support his move towards Biharis. I even agree that out of 300 vacancies, at least 275 seats in Mumbai should be reserved for Marathis (for any post)... "

Wow... its so great to hear all this... we are already getting reservations due to caste, creed, and religion... do you want to start a system, where reservation should be based on the Language one speaks, and on the basis of the state, one belongs to ???

I having nothing much to say Mr. Shotgun, but you have just lost the oppertunity to become a chief minister of Bihar someday... I am not sure, if you would have achieved that post, but now I am pretty sure that you wont be able to face Biharis, or represent Bihar anymore... Just due to a small statement, You have dashed your dream by your hands itself...

You may read the complete article in Bhojpuri at

Let's boycott the people, who earn from Bihar... but work against Bihar.

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