Saturday, October 06, 2007

BITA Strives to Evolve Bihar into an IT Hub

Fresh from the recent change of guard, the Bihar IT Association (BITA) has set its sight on projecting Bihar as the new IT hub with some help from the government.

According to P.K.Sinha, treasurer of BITA, the government has launched project Vasudha in its bid to enhance the IT-sector. "Vasudha has paved the way for more than 7,450 computer centers to be set up in the state," he said.

The state government has also given its consent to be a part of a trade fair that the association is planning to organize by the end of this year. If everything goes according to plan, then 2 IT development parks - one announced by the state, and the other by the central government - will be set up by next year.

At the Annual General Meeting of the association on September 23, S.N. Prasad, a member of the previous 10-member executive committee replaced Ravi Prakash, as the new president of BITA. Besides a new secretary and treasurer were also elected.

Talking to media, Prasad said that the association will submit a memorandum to the state government in a few days, stating its expectations from the legislative body. "We're also hoping to participate in the future IT policy making process," he said.

Sinha lamented that despite having the necessary facilities, Bihar's potential as an IT hub hasn't been realized completely.

The association will elect zonal heads in the 5 different zones of the state, based on their (zonal heads) proximity to the region, and entrust them with the responsibility of handling IT related issues in their region.

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