Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shekhar Suman Seeks Donations for Building Hospital

Shekhar Suman is touring the United States to collect donations for constructing a children's hospital in his hometown Patna

Shekhar Suman has been to the US many times before, but this time he's a man on a mission. The TV actor is collecting donations from NRIs so that he can fulfil a long-cherished dream of his: to construct a full-fledged hospital.

The hospital, to be built in Patna, will primarily treat children, especially those with heart diseases. Says an excited Shekhar, "It has been my dream to build a hospital for kids in my hometown. It is a big step for me and I have worked on it for very long. I know it is difficult, but I am sure I will make it happen in the next few years."

Shekhar lost his first son, nine-year-old Aayush to a chronic heart ailment in 1994. The incident has haunted the actor ever since. This is the reason why he wants to build a children's hospital. "I owe a lot to Bihar, which has made me whatever I am today. I have lost my kid, but I don't want any of Bihar's kids to die due to heart problems. There is no children's hospital in Bihar which specialises in heart diseases," he adds.

The hospital will be a charitable one, where poor kids can avail the services. The hospital will accommodate 200 beds. Shekhar has already spoken to the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for help. "Our CM was more than delighted and the response has been really encouraging. I have also spoken to a lot of medical organisations in different parts of the country and they have promised to help me. Different NGOs have also shown their interest," Shekhar says. oject requires Shekhar to pump in a lot of money. The actor, who is touring the US has got huge encouragement from the NRIs. "Indians in the US have also promised me help. I have been able to connect with them to make appeals for donations. I am just too excited to see my dream come true," he adds.

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