Saturday, August 18, 2007

A daredevil biker in Bihar

Eighteen-year-old Sudhir Kumar of Dobhi, 35 kilometres from Gaya, has become talk of his town for his daredevil stunts on motorbike that he has developed in the last three months.

Sudhir performs various stunts with such an élan that it can leave anyone flabbergasted.

Be it a Bhangra dance, standing on the bike for long time, changing sitting positions or lying down as if he is on a bed, are some of the stunts that Sudhir enacts when his bike's speedometer crosses the 80 kilometres per hour mark.

A standard X student Sudhir never had any formal training to learn stunts. He was driven to practice stunts just three months ago after watching Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan during a film shooting in Mumbai.

He says: "I have watched Ajay Devgan doing breathtaking stunts on a bike. I was impressed and I decided to learn the art. I devoted myself to practice. First, I learnt how to stand on a bike, later perfected the skills to dance on motorbike."

Driven to perform stunts after watching a few Bollywood movies, Sudhir began to collect innovative ideas through watching video replays of performers in Bollywood movies. And, he just practiced them.

Sudhir practices his stunts during the wee hours on the highway which is usually busy with traffic of trucks.

Today, he cannot dream of a better enjoyment that he drives from performing new stunts on his Hero Honda Splendor motorbike. Once his motorbike engine ignites, Sudhir zooms ahead at an astonishing speed.

His gloved hands have a literal iron grip, as he turns on the throttle leaving behind a cloud of dust to disappear on the national highway before one can wink twice.

Sudhir wishes to make a career as a stunt model. Otherwise, he wants to be an artiste worth being on the big screen.

Krishnadev Prasad, a villager, recalled how a bike ride with Sudhir left him completely shaken.

"Once I hitched a ride on his bike up to a village temple. He pleasingly agreed but I really had a scary time being a pillion rider to him. Suddenly, he started performing various stunts on the running bike with such an ease that I got almost scared to death."

Initially, Sudhir's family was alarmed to watch him risk his life driving a speeding motorbike. But with the passage of time they accepted it as his intrinsic talent.

Gayatri Devi, Sudhir's mother, says: "At first, I was shocked to watch him doing such stunts. But later I realised it was useless to discourage him from nurturing an inherent talent. He wants to make a career out of it, so be it. Today, I just tell him to keep himself safe and go ahead with whatever he wants to achieve."

Even if the hair-raising stunts have earned Sudhir many admirers, at the back of his mind he is aware that such acts are dangerous not just for the rider but also for others on the road.

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