Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bindeshwar Pathak to receive Energy Globe Award

The pioneer of the sanitation movement in India, Bindeshwar Pathak, will receive the Energy Globe Award in the hemicycle (debating chamber) of the European Parliament at Brussels on April 11.

This world body has selected him for his notable contribution in making `environment that is worthy to live'.

The Energy Globe Award is presented to projects that make careful use of resources and employ alternative energy sources. Every year, about 700 projects from all over the world compete for it.

The award is given to pioneers who come out with ideas and projects that can reduce environmental pollution and seek to check global environmental degradation.
Wolfgang Neumann, disturbed over rapid deterioration of environment taking place the world over, instituted this award seven years back. The winning projects are classified under five categories: earth, fire, water, air and youth.

Pathak, a Padma Bhushan, has been chosen for the biogas plants - linked to Sulabh toilets - he had designed over three decades ago and have now become synonymous with sanitation in developing countries.

A distinctive feature of Pathak's project lies in producing odour-free biogas and release of clean water rich in phosphorous and other ingredients, which are important constituents of organic manure.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its latest Human Development Report has already appreciated the Sulabh technology in the field of low cost toilet systems. The report says that Sulabh has emerged as one of the world's largest non-governmental providers of sanitation facilities.

President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in his latest book "Mission India" has also mentioned the contribution of Pathak and his Sulabh International in the field of sanitation and liberating manual scavengers from carrying night soil.

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