Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Manoj Bajpai builds up Bihar village

Actor Manoj Bajpai has been silently working out ways to develop his native village in Bihar while he spends time there away from the glamour of Bollywood.

Bajpai, of Satya fame, arrived in West Chaparan district's Belwa village, 300 km from here, a few days ago to spend time with his family and friends but has been busy chalking out a development strategy for the backward area.

The actor has joined hands with his friend Gayandeo Mani Tripathi, who plans to set up an organisation for rural development.

"I decided to work with my friend Tripathi as he is setting up an organisation for development in rural areas, so I suggested that he open it in my village," said Bajpai.

He, however, refused to disclose the details of his project and said he would come up with something concrete soon.

Bajpai, known for the portrayal of intense roles, said material gains are not everything in life, as they don't satisfy the soul.

"I am in my village to satisfy my inner soul by contributing something to the development of my village," he remarked.

The actor said he had given 13 years to Bollywood and 11 years to theatre, "But I now decided to give some time for self-satisfaction".

He his hectic schedule in Mumbai had made it difficult for him to visit Belwa more often. "After living in Mumbai, I had become distanced from my village and now I would like to fill that gap."

Bajpai was reportedly enjoying the greenery of Belwa and loved talking to villagers in chaste Bhojpuri.

On the acting front, Bajpai is now looking forward to the release of his next film 1971 and hopes audiences will appreciate it.

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