Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A blind principal making a difference in poor children's lives in Gaya

A visually challenged man in Bihar, who has risen to become the Principal of a school, has become a source of inspiration for hundreds of schoolchildren.

Everyday when Shailesh Sinha enters any classroom as the principal of Doon Public High School in Gaya city, he gets a warm greeting by the entire classroom.

At ten years of age, Sinha lost his eyesight because of degeneration of the retina.

His parents took him to several doctors for treatment, including a specialist in China.

Though the Chinese doctor could not render medical help to Shailesh, he motivated him to keep learning, as nothing could come in the way of knowledge.

Shailesh completed his education, and has been impairing his knowledge.

With the government's encouragement, Shailesh started the Doon public High School, where he teaches children who cannot afford good education.

Interestingly, Shailesh can write on the board like any other person while most blind people use only Braille to read and write.

He is thorough with his work, explaining everything to his students in detail.

The students adore Shailesh, who is their greatest source of inspiration. Most of them love him for his dedication."My principal is blind but still he teaches us, deals with it very well from point to point...we understand everything he explains to us," said Sagar Kumar, a student.

"It feels really good. We don't even realise that he is blind...he teaches very well," said Varsha, another adulating student.

"I tell the children in the beginning itself that you have to pay attention to what I teach, and not on my writing.... And the children are very understanding," says Shailesh.

Shailesh has made an everlasting impact on the underprivileged children.

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