Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bihar Chronicle- A New Begining

Today on the dawn of 2007, we realise that Bihar is Changing. In last couple of days we had have couple of good new. i.e.

- Resurrection of Nalanda University
- Starting the Road Project in Patna
- Proposal for Setting up NIFT campus in BIHAR
- National Highways Developement - Phase III giving bihar nearly 900 KMS of
highways connection all major cities in BIHAR
- Proposal for setting up an IIT in BIHAR
- Global meeting in JAN for a Resurgent BIHAR

and many more like this.

In such an environment in which the wind of chages are blowing from all direction it it imperative to give my BIHAR something new from my side. This feeling prompted me to launc this blog. The objective is to give plateform to all the good news which are not covered or reported elsewhere are covered on this Blog.

I invite BIHARI people all across the globe to come joing this plateform and contribute in thier own unique way to give BIHAR a voice.

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